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TABCOM 2.0 (2015)


Okay masa aku tengah tulis entry ni adalah pada pukul 2:45 am pagi bersamaan 7 may 2015. Okay sebenarnya nak cerita aku baru je habis event pada 6 May iaitu tadi. So since it is still a fresh event, so i think i need to share the experinces i had earlier and the past 2 months. 

TABCOM is Take A Break and Communicate annual event under centre of communication studies (CIT, INC and CMP sequence). It took us 2 months plus of full commitments to ensure this event successfully done! I am a treasurer under my club (CIT) but i am bureau of protocol and floor manager on that day. Well this is my very first time being a protocol bureau. So tiring! Hectic life. Almost died! But as i said earlier everything went well and run smoothly! Thank God. 

It is a good experinece though. 

Done with the first session of the day. Speaker is Prof Dr Syed Arabi Syed Idid. 

A workshop by @EnglishJer . He is Qayyum ! Nice meeting him actually!

Bureau protocol of TABCOM 2.0

With my cute friend, Dato from food department. 

And the best team we had! 

You may see the happiness in our face, but you never know the pain behind and the struggles we put on! Good job team TABCOM 2.0 (2015)! 

Its over but I hope these bonding will become stronger! Keep it up a good team work guys. Thank you for all the supports! 


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